OK, so that one-week turnaround for the Motorola XOOM 4G upgrade was a little optimistic… at least as optimistic as the idea that the upgrade itself would come in the spring of this year. Customers who sent their tablets in to Verizon are seeing significant slowdowns in getting their LTE hardware back into their hands. But the company sends along an extra goody by way of an apology: a free XOOM desktop dock.

The official Motorola accessory is coming in to appease the long, long wait for the 4G upgrade that’s been promised to XOOM owners since the very start. It’s pretty good extra to receive – I can attest to the quality of Motorola’s official docks personally. The standard dock is currently going for $49.99 at retail, meaning that patient Verizon XOOM owners are pretty far ahead on the deal.
If you’re not familiar with the XOOM’s dock, it’s your standard charging cradle, plus a 3.5mm audio-out port for listening to your tunes. Note that this isn’t the Speaker Dock with a small built-in amp and HDMI out – that one’s a more expensive version. In a strange move, neither dock includes a USB-out port for syncing with your computer.
What say you, XOOM upgraders? Is the free dock worth the wait?


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