Following the discovery of the serious Blueborne bug, many OEMs have noticed the need to issue an urgent security update to patch the vulnerability. The latest device to receive the update is Sammy’s Galaxy Note Edge, the very first pioneer of the curved edge display revolution. The update isn’t being pushed to all Note edge devices, instead, it is just for the Verizon units.

The update arrives as version MMB29M.N915VVRU2CQI3. What isn’t clear is that it might not be the latest Security Patch because Verizon doesn’t state that. Verizon was even relatively quick to issue the update to the Galaxy Note 4. That’s surprising considering that the Galaxy S7 Edge doesn’t have it yet. Props to Verizon and Samsung for issuing such an important update to such old devices.

Other OEM’s that have acted fast to patch the bug are OnePlus and Google. OnePlus issued a fix for the OnePlus 3/3T just recently, while Google also pushed factory images of the Blueborne fix to the Pixels. Let us know if the Security patch denotes September or August after any of you update the Verizon devices.



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