Verizon updates Moto Z2 Force to enable Gigabit LTE


All the flagship smartphones of 2017 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor supports Gigabit LTE . But, most of the devices have it disabled as there is no such network to provide Gigabit LTE except Verizon which will possibly deploy the network by the end of this year. The other networks such as AT&T, Sprint and T-MobileĀ  have also tested Gigabit LTE, but they will be providing it later possibly next year.

Now, it seems that Verizon is ready to launch their Gigabit LTE services as they started rolling an update to support it to Motorola Moto Z2 Force. Hence, it becomes the first smartphone to receive the update to support high speed connectivity as Gigabit LTE provides maximum down link of 1 GB/s as well maximum up link of 150 MB/s . This update brings the version number to NDX26.183-15 .

Further, this update brings the Security Patch level to September 1st with blueborne fix . Also the update comes with a new bloat, an app named AppFlash. This app enables users to find restaurants, movies, games, music and get app recommendations. It also enables users to try an app before installing it. As OTA updates take time to hit every devices, so just have patience or check manually for the updates in the Settings.


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