Among the Android audience, Verizon has been something of a punching bag over their mishandling of the Galaxy Nexus launch. Now reports are coming in form all over the US that the wireless carrier’s data is down, centering in the Midwest. The outage is affecting 4G LTE and 3G services. There is no word on when it might be repaired, though Verizon assures its customers that a fix is incoming.

It’s a pretty lousy time for Verizon to have a major outage. Not 24 hours ago, Consumer Reports lauded Verizon as Americans’ choice for the most reliable carrier, notably placing its biggest competitor AT&T at the very bottom of the short list. Now instead of capitalizing on some free publicity from a trusted source, they’re playing damage control and scrambling to get service back to millions of unhappy customers.
Verizon’s wireless data isn’t out of service everywhere – this very story is being written from the secret Android Community bunker miles beneath North Texas, using a Verizon 3G connection that seems to be intact. While assurances that people are working on the problem are good, no communication as to the time for a fix isn’t. And given Verizon’s reputation as one of the most expensive options for wireless service, they’d best get all their ducks in a row sooner rather than later.


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