Granted, if you want a true blue gaming experience in your living room, either you go with a desktop computer that has been rigged out, or you might want to settle for a home console instead. Games on the smartphone platform just do not quite make the cut IMHO, as they are more or less casual fodder to kill a few minutes of your time – epic gaming on smartphones are still far and few in between, which made me wonder how come Vestel intends to deliver Android games to your TV – is there something else they know that we don’t?
I suppose it is too early to judge whether Vestel’s offerings will be able to live up to expectations of hardcore gamers, but Vestel did describe their service to be “the world’s first all-you-can-eat Android TV game subscription service,” where GameTanium will enable Vestel Smart Box set-top box owners to be able to enjoy a slew of games which have been optimized for TV play – and no surprise here, your Android smartphone will then function as a controller.
At least Vestel figured out you might be getting an important phone call while you play, which is why they have paved the way for you to switch between your PC, smartphone, tablet or HDTV seamlessly, continuing where you last left off. [Press Release]


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