Google Assistant when developed was underutilized though over the time it has grown up. Google Assistant generally helps us to answers our queries and even it is generous towards Home-series of devices. According to fresh details, Google will be going to add a new feature known as the “Visual Snapshot”. You may have noticed that in our fast-paced life it becomes very difficult for a person to complete daily our tasks irrespective of the fact that they are personal or professional. This new feature will take care of this. Most of you will be wondering how? So without making any delay let’s know more.

Google is simply adding a dashboard kind of thing where we can check that what we have done and what is yet to be done. It will basically give you a brief glance of your day. If you are a person like us who suffers a lot to remember the general things like emails to send, places to visit or even people to meet then this is something you must know about. As s, Visual Snapshot will provide brief data of your day based on the interaction made from Assistant. Luckily it will be made available to both Android and iOS platforms.

Recently, they have come up with the Job Hunt in the UK.

Almost everything about your day to day activities will be included in the visual snapshot. You will find your reminders, agenda, places, upcoming bills, movies, suggestions for popular apps, location, etc at one stop. If you are excited to use this then you may have to wait for a week or two as the rollout will begin from next week. For more Android updates stay tuned to GoAndroid.


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