Vizio 8 owners get three free months of Hulu Plus via software update

Vizio’s 8-inch tablet is a bit of a tough sell in a sea of similar competitors, despite its relatively low retail price of $299. But today it’s a little more attractive: a new software update is rolling out that includes three free months of access to Hulu’s premium streaming app, Hulu Plus. That’s in addition to a free month of Netflix, making the Vizio tablet a suddenly attractive alternative for video-hungry Android users.

The 8-inch tablet is a solid piece of tech, but it’s got more than one thing going against it. First, for a little more dough you could get an Asus Transformer or Acer Iconia Tab, both of which run Honeycomb instead of the Vizio’s skinned Gingerbread. And Honeycomb tablets have access to Google apps and the Android Market, which the Vizio tablet sorely lacks. The Vizio tablet still gets access to a wide collection of included apps like the Nook bookstore and any side-loaded apps that users can fit on its 4GB internal storage.
The addition of some free video streaming makes the Vizio tablet about $40-50 higher in a value proposition, assuming that you intend to use the Hulu Plus and Netflix apps. You’ll need to sign up for an account with both services, including a credit card number, before getting access to the trial period. Once the trial is over you’ll be automatically renewed, assuming you don’t cancel your subscriptions. So what do you think – does some free video streaming service change your opinion on Vizio’s Wifi tablet?


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