Google Home Mini update brings back tap on volume button function

Return of the physical play or pause button on the Smart Speaker


If you’re a Google Home Mini user, you ought to know that Google had recently pull the plug off from touch controls for audio playback. Though that happened all for good, some users were left unhappy as they can only control the speaker just by voice. Well, now Google has thought to bring back the physical playback control option. But, with a little change than the previously existed method.

Now onwards, the Home Mini users can play or stop music, control alarm, phone calls and others by long pressing the volume buttons on either side of the device. That is, this time the Google didn’t go for the initial “tapping top of the Home Mini” method to start and stop playback. Remeber that the unwanted recording of the users voice due to the fabric was the reason for Google to eliminate the tapping Home Mini top mode from the speaker. And, now the control being moved to the volume keys there won’t be any fear of the issue to return as well.

However, the update that enables the re-located touch-control is hitting Home Mini units that are enrolled in Google’s software preview program. It’d take some while for the features to make its way on to all units.


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