Ring, vibrate, silent. Surely that covers every conceivable situation you’re ever likely to need as far as sound goes, right? If you’d like a little more customization in your Android alerts, Volume Rocker is here to help. The free app includes five customizable sound profiles that can be activated at any time, just by tapping your Volume Up or Volume Down.

Like some other customization apps (such as the excellent Brightness Rocker) tapping a Volume button while Volume Rocker is running will activate a small pop-up window, no matter what app you’re currently using. From there you can manually change the volume via further pressing the buttons, or manually sliding the volume on the on-screen display. You can quickly tap one of the five included profiles: Silent, Vibrate, Quiet Normal, or Load. Tap Presets to tweak each of the five profiles in for any volume you like (Ringer, Alarm, Media, etc.) or Settings to change more esoteric options.
A nice assortment of themes are included to match any manufacturer UI, and you can choose to have Volume Rocker live in the notification bar as well. At the moment only an ad-supported version of Volume Rocker is available, but developer Netshop is new, and should have a cheap ad-free app up in a few weeks at least. You can download Volume Rocker in the Android Market now.
[via Lifehacker]


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