So maybe your like me and your impatient. Who has time to wait for an update to come to them, when you can go get it yourself. Worry not my friends, we have the download file for you. As well as the walk through. Go on, you know the suspense is killing you.
This is only for the GSM version, And the T-Mobile version. If that’s not your phone, don’t follow through with these instructions, this isn’t an update for your phone. For all the rest of you that it does cover, read on:

  • Grab the OTA package here
  • Rename it to something you will remember, like, or, whatever works best for you.
  • Copy it over to the internal storage on your Nexus S.
  • Power off, then hold volume up and power to reboot to the bootloader.
  • Using the volume key to navigate, select recovery, then use the power button to confirm
  • When you see the warning triangle and arrow, hold the power button and tap volume up. You’ll see a menu.
  • From the menu, select “apply update from /sdcard”, and choose the file you named from the list.
  • Let it do its thing and update your system, radio, and other partitions. When finished, choose “reboot system now”
  • As long as you did everything correctly your phone should reboot, and you should be enjoying that sweet goodness called Ice Cream Sandwich.


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