Finally, the day is here and the time also. Today, Google is going to reveal the new Android O with its official name. The Android O’s developer build is already up in the market and the final product is away just weeks. Today, Google is going to do formal announcement for the Android O. You guys can watch the livestream from the Google below:

On 21st of August, Google officially rolled the announcement details of the date that we were peculating. Today, the livestream will start from 2:40 PM ET, i.e. 11:40 AM PT. The tech giant will be streaming its official product launch event that’s taking place in New York City where its Senior Vice President of Platforms & Ecosystems Hiroshi Lockheimer.

Well, right now the focus is on name, it can be Oreo or Orellete. Well only few minutes are left from the official name revealing ceremony. Let’s wait and watch.

Let’s see what has Google cooked for new Android version.


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