With the first shipment of Android Wear based smartwatches reaching their customers a couple of days ago, Google Play Store is receiving more and more Android Wear apps. And this article is about one such app, the Wear Mini Launcher.

Wear Mini Launcher is a very simple app and does one simple job: launches the Android Wear UI in your smartwatch with some customization. For people who dont like the default launcher on their Android Wear based smartwatches or are having some problems with it this app is what you need.


The Wear Mini Launcher now allows you to launch your app from anywhere. Some of you must be wondering isn’t that what voice commands are for? Well yes, they are but for occasions where you can’t speak into your watch, Wear Mini Launcher would help you. It provides a simple sliding gesture over the screen which lets you access some of your favorite apps.

You should however keep in mind that this an early software and some users are facing some difficulties with it. If you can go with that and want to give it a try, you can download it from Google Play Store by clicking here.


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