Google Play Store is the official app store of the millions of Android apps. It’s considered as the one stop destination from where we can get genuine, safe and unaldurated apps. In fact, most of us would definitely approach the Play Store for installing free apps, but refrain if the apps are paid. Of course, we know that the same paid apps listed on Play Store can be easily downloaded from other third party apps store that too absolutely for free.

Well, no matter how much they advertise the apps are safe and secure to install. The safety of the apps that are downloaded from third party apps are still questionable. Perhaps for this reason, that is to avoid the vast number of Android users to seek the unsafe third party apps store for getting paid apps. So far, Google has been listing some premium apps on the Play Store for free till a limited period.

Almost at every weekends we used to gather all the free premium apps available then and put here for your easiness. Similarly, below is our some of the hand-picked premium apps that are now available to download for free. Limited time offer! Hence, grab them quickly.


  1. Ringtone Maker Pro (€3,79 -> free): Download
  2. Web2Apk Pro-Create your own web2app quickly (€3,50 -> free): Download
  3. OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector (€0,79 -> free): Download
  4. ShoCandy – Rainbow $0.99 -> Free: Download
  5. S9 Pixel – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free: Download
  6. Intuitive Guitar (R$13.99 – Free): Download
  7. Call Recorder Pro $3.99 -> Free: Download


  1. iBasket Pro – Street Basketball $3.99 -> Free: Download
  2.  A Tale of Little Berry Forest: Fairy tale game $0.99 -> Free: Download
  3. Monument Valley ($3.99 > Free): Download
  4. 2 Player Quiz Pro (€0,59 -> free): Download
  5. Marble Maze Wallpaper Game XL (€1,49 -> free): Download
  6.  RUN VR $1.99 -> Free: Download
  7. Defense Zone 2 HD $2.99 -> Free: Download

Icon Packs

  1. Perceval Icon Pack (€1,79 -> free): Download

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