project brillio

project brillio

Google announced Project Brillio, Internet Of Things. It refers to devices (i.e. things) that are connected online and don’t have a typical user interface. This includes smart thermostats, refrigerators, garage doors, toothbrushes, tennis rackets and even beds. They collect data about your usage patterns and habits, and often connect to an app that offers feedback to improve your lifestyle.

Project Brillo will act as an operating system of sorts for small-scale devices, such as smart door locks, light bulbs, and security cameras. Project Brillo will also feature APIs such as voice recognition. Since it’s based on Android, Google execs also said security will be a top priority.

Accompanying Brillo is a new communications API called Weave which will allow easy communication between phones, the cloud, and smart appliances. You can see more coverage of the Google I/O 2015 here and also checkout the full features of the Android M.


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