It’s been a long time since Whatsapp is the part of Facebook. Till now Facebook has performed its best by bringing Video Call, Calling, etc. At F8 developer conference that has happened back in May, Facebook has confirmed that they will soon be bringing new and more useful features to Whatsapp. However, no specific date has been revealed but today some information is there which is in favor of users. Recently many users have reported that a new option for group calls has just appeared in the app. So let’s know more about it.

As no particular date has been announced by Facebook for the new feature rollout. So, for now, the new calls feature is only available to some units. AndroidPolice has reported that many Android users have claimed that a new feature for group calls is available on their device. The same feature is rolling out in Whatsapp application on iOS platform. For Android users who wanna experience it, should have the Whatsapp Beta 2.18.162 version running on their devices.

As mentioned above, for now, it is being rolled out to a few devices so if you haven’t received it yet then there is nothing to bother. Along with group audio feature, an additional feature called video group calls is available too. While talking to some person through voice group calls there will be an additional option on the right top to invite someone who can talk to you. If you wanna experience it early then don’t forget to install the Beta version app from the links.

Download Whatsapp beta


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