Whatsapp for Android Gets the Video Call Feature in its Latest Beta


Whatsapp has Rolled out Video Calling Feature in its Latest Beta. It was leaked many times since the last year and Most awaited one. Whatsapp is the most popular Messenger App in the world, But it doesn’t have the video Calling feature till now and all its competitors have it. So its the right time to Rollout this feature.

Whatapp Video FeatureTo Use this feature YOu have to be on WhatsApp’s beta mode version (2.16.318). Moreover, the receiver should also use the same Whatsapp Beta version. The UI of the video call is the same as that of a voice call made through WhatsApp where the video of the other person will appear in place of the photo. In call logs the video call is shown with the video camera icon.

However, There is not any  information about when the Video call feature will be added to the stable Whatsapp version. As Whatsapp beta version gets the video call feature so it is assumed that feature will be soon rolled out to the general Public. To use this feature you have to join the Whatsapp Beta Program.


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