Whatsapp announces new business oriented features


Facebook owned Whatsapp has today announced, that it is planning to bring its messaging services for business purposes. Whatsapp has said, that it is soon going to launch new tools specifically designed for doing business. By using these tools, people can use Whatsapp to stay in touch with their customers.

As Whatsapp said, that the messaging giant wants to help people to connect with businesses, in the same way Whatsapp has helped people connect with each other.

These new tools are being tested and will be business specific. For now Whatsapp is testing two tools. The first one is ‘a free Whatsapp business app’ which will be specifically for small businesses as well as companies looking for Whatsapp based business solutions. Well, the other one named ‘enterprise solution’ which will be for big businesses and the companies will be able to use it at a price. The latter version will have an advantage of rich and improved features.

Apart from this Whatsapp even plans include features like providing customers with notifications. Notifications to be on aspects like flight times, delivery confirmations etc.

For now we aren’t sure when these new features will be available as it’s just an announcement. Whatsapp is testing the features so users will get the best solutions for their businesses.


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