WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp, the widely used instant messaging app is getting some new features in the latest beta v2.18.12. The most notable ones are stickers and dismiss admin.

Along with stickers and dismiss admin options, the new beta for Android also brings mentions notification button in group chats.


Stickers have become mostly used feature to express feelings followed by emojis. And finally they are making their way to WhatsApp. Users have to download stickers from the sticker store similar to Facebook Messenger. Also, the available stickers are same as the ones available on Messenger. To access stickers, users have to click on the emoji icon which will display sticker icon between the emoji and gif icons at the bottom.

Mentions Notification

WhatsApp already notifies the user if they get mentioned in a group chat. But, now a mentions notification button will be displayed in an unread group chat. Tapping that button will directly show the message in which the user gets mentioned.

Dismiss Admin

Previously, if an admin wanted to remove someone as admin in a group, then they had to remove them from the group and re add them. But now, dismiss as admin option is available in the latest beta to demote someone as admin easily.

To use these above mentioned new features, you need to have the latest beta of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. The latest beta v2.18.12 can be downloaded from the Play Store if you are a beta tester.



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