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Whatsapp is adding features to make it uncomparable. Already, they have added 128 bit End to End Encryption, GIFs, Video calls and much More. Whatsapp has added slew of features to version 2.16.399. The first one is called, Live Location Tracking feature and the others are Recall and Edit.


In detail, Live Location Tracking allows group admins to know the location of the members in real time. The tracking can be kept on for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or indefinitely. Currently, this feature is disabled by the Whatsapp.

The other feature is Recall, it means users can recall the unread message. It is quite needed feature as sometimes in a huff users send some inappropriate texts to the next person. So, now there’s a second chance for the users to think until the message is read.

There’s an Edit feature also, it allow users to edit a message until unless it has been read.

Additionally, Whatsapp recorded 63 Billion messages on the New Year’s eve. We even initiated you guys about these features.


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