Whatsapp has been blocked in Brazil once Again

whatsapp banned

A Jude on Tuesday orders to block the Whatsapp in Brazil because the popular messaging app refused to surrender user data in a police investigationEarlier whatsapp has been blocked two times in Brazil, first ban was applied in December 2016 and second one was in May 2016. So this is the third time Whatsapp was banned in Brazil.

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The local service providers were informed at 11:30 AM local time (Río de Janeiro) to block Whatsapp on their Network. The 19-page ruling said that Brazilian telephone operators must “immediately suspend” WhatsApp services and also said that continued non-compliance would see the Facebook company fined 50,000 reais ($15,265) a day.

Although at present the Whatsapp is continued to function in Rio. But it may soon stopped because of a court order.

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