Whatsapp Built In Camera Console gets a Redesign


After some changes in the Whatsapp Beta version last week which consisted some changes and features like Reply from Notification, Multiple Contact Selection, etc.

whatsapp 2.16.4

Today they have issued one more update with few yet much needed updates. Whatsapp Developers have redesigned build in Camera console with some filters andĀ complete UI overhaul. Whatsapp has introduced some changes which follow the Facebook Camera App’s guidelines.

Whatsapp versionĀ 2.16.4 has included new icons and they have included snapped pictures strip on the bottom. Also now you can record a video by just holding the shutter button and photos can be taken by just pressing it.

Well, it’s not a April Fools Joke.

You can have these features on Whatsapp beta version 2.16.4.