WhatsApp Business app arrives, here is what you need to know about it [Download Apk]


Managing your professional and personal life just got easier, with the all new WhatsApp Business app. WhatsApp blog says that the aim of coming up with application is to “let people communicate with the businesses they want to reach on WhatsApp”.

Whatsapp for Business

The service is announced one month ago and testing WhatsApp business app is a chance to have a first look at the application. It is still in the testing mode, whatsApp is asking users to review their experiences.

All About the WhatsApp Business app:

It is by far the best thing WhatsApp could roll out, a person can manage two of his accounts simultaneously by installing both whatapp and whatsapp business apps on one device. You may not be able to check out the application now because it is still a private beta testing program. Those who are confused about how it would work here it is:

I think WhatsApp’s landline number registration feature is something out of the box. Many small businesses have their landline numbers as their only contact numbers. So it is a great chance for them to expand their business over WhatsApp.

Changes you may notice:

  • Two new menu options under setting i.e Business Settings and Statistics.
  • You’ll see a lot more options now when you open your profile picture on WhatsApp i.e whether your business is verified or not, location.
  • While setting up your WhatsApp business profile you will have many options to fill in i.e business name, location, description, website and email address.
  • The “Away Messages” are like messages kept for sending at some other time you just have to fix a time and date, when to send it and to whom.

WhatsApp business is a Perfect tool for managing all your professional conversations. Now if you want to try WhatsApp Business app here is the Apk, But you can’t use it unless you sign up as a tester first.


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