We have been hearing around for a while that WhatsApp is working on a calling feature. It’s been confirmed too, by the CEO and from many screenshots and code inspections. And now user of WhatsApp, downloaded and installed an update from the app’s official site and noticed that a new folder has appered. Reddit user /u/akhilman78 posted the image below showing the WhatsApp Calls folder.


The folder could belong to the voice calling feature or maybe, as with previous WhatsApp updates, the feature will be fully present in the latest versions, but disabled, and WhatsApp can turn it on from their side, just like the blue markers of message been read were enabled. This is probably to ensure a bug-free rollout of functionality.The folder was found in the version 2.11.491.

So is the voice calling around the corner? or they are still working on it?Only time will tell.Do share your ideas with us in the comments below.


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