WhatsApp, the world’s most used app for chatting and sharing information with your contacts. The best part the Whatsapp is that it is free to use for unlimited texts, calls and file sharing. The only thing you need is a compatible smartphone and an internet connection. Today, we have a good news for our ardent Whatsapp users who use it regularly for various purposes. The developers at WhatsApp are working on getting a dark mode for the app.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

This means that after being the best app for messaging and sharing, it is missing the dark mode. Now, WhatsApp plans to get it on it’s platform and we are sure WhatsApp users who use the app had been waiting eagerly for this update. Most of night users face some negative effect on eyes, so, for them Dark mode is the best option.

Even some of us normally love dark mode such that we prefer to use it in day light too. So we can get an idea how useful the new feature will be for WhatsApp users.

Recently, even YouTube received the dark mode feature for Android. The information was updated through a tweet by WABetainfo who does the task of revealing a lot of secret info about Whatsapp.

But i guess we need to wait for sometime to get this new feature.


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