Whatsapp has started rolling out a new stable update to its popular instant messenger app. The latest Whatsapp 2.18.142 is visible on Google Play Store incorporating couple of new features that were, however, already a part of previous beta releases. The feature “Dismiss As Group Admin” and the new Group Settings option is finally making their way to the stable channel.

What’s New

  • If you’re a group admin, you can now remove admin rights from other participants. Select the admin in “Group info” and tap “Dismiss as admin.”
  • Group admins can now choose who can change a group’s subject, icon and description by going to “Group info” and tapping “Group settings.”

For those who haven’t heard about the dismiss as admin feature. The feature will let a user demote other admins without having to remove them entirely from the group. Of course, the user need to be an Admin in order to do this. A mere member of the group will not see this option in groups. If you’re an admin, and want to dismiss another admin miss-using the admin rights. Then, you can demote them by going to group info and click on the concerned person’s info to see the new option Dismiss as admin.

Yet another new power for the admins that is debuting with this stable release is the ability to choose who all can change the group details. The new option can be accessed under Group info>>Group Settings.


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