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Whatsapp, a social messaging app which we majorly use to chat with our friends, family, workers, etc. Whatsapp has created many records with its usage. This time is this social messaging app has created another record.

whatsapp messengerOn the Eve of New Year, 63 Billion Sent Messages were sent on the Whatsapp by its users. This total includes 7.9 billion images and 2.4 billion videos. It was up from 42 billion messages that the pair combined to send on an average day in February.

Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for $21 Billion couple of years ago. Since, then Whatsapp has underwent many new features like Video calling, End to End encryption, animated gifs and many more.

It’s a huge achievement for Whatsapp to gain so much users who are interacting daily using this platform.


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