WhatsApp 2.17.123

WhatsApp is rolling out the new Beta version 2.17.123 of the App. In the latest WhatsApp Beta you can can send Multiple contacts to your family or friends. This feature will be very useful when we our family member or friend asks for a Photographer or a doctor. At that time we have send 2-3 persons contacts, So with this multiple contact sending feature will be very handy.

WhatsApp 2.17.123

How to send multiple Contacts using WhatsApp. It’s as easy as selecting multiple photos to share or as picking the people to start a group with or send a broadcast to. You tap and hold the first contact and you can select several then share them all in the chat.

Moreover, Recently WhatsApp has Add various features like the WhatsApp Statuses which are based identical to Snapchat Stories. Coming back to this update if you want to use this feature can’t wait untill it gets roll out on the stable version of the App. Then you just have to enroll in the Whatsapp beta program. Although, we think it will soon be rolled out on the stable version of the App.


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