WhatsApp services Blocked in China


WhatsApp has been under the scanner of the Chinese government for some time. Even some areas of the democratic countries, like India. But in China, where the government controls all information and media, an encrypted instant messenger is a big security hazard, for the government. So, how do you get to snoop on your citizens? By blocking WhatsApp, that’s how. That is exactly what China did today.

WhatsApp services Blocked in China

The popular service is completely out of service, meaning no feature is usable now. This is an even strict move than before where WhatsApp videos were blocked. China’s political order thrives on controlling media and information and rules with an iron grip and this is the latest move to curb activities that can’t be spied on by them. Now, Chinese users will switch to WeChat, the China-based messaging platform that is more compliant with govt authorities.

China has in the past also clamped down on other free social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia. Apart from these, there are other Google services that are blocked in China presently.


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