Whatsapp v2.17.323 brings PiP video call support and text only status feature


Whatsapp is now following the path of YouTube and Duo to incorporate PiP support in its app. The latest Whatsapp v2.17.323 for Android enables the users to do a PiP(Picture-in-Picture) video calls in-app. Also, the text only status being the second highlighted feature debuting with this stable release.

Now onwards, during video calls you can tap back to continue the video call in picture-in-picture mode. At the same time could carry on a Whatsapp chat simultaneously as well. Unfortunately, there is a catch. The PiP mode is accessible for only Android Oreo users. It’s quite weird, since YouTube and VLC supports the PiP long back and is functional for all most all Android platforms. I don’t know, then what’s the big deal with this PiP offered by Whatsapp?

Whatsapp v2.17.323 Changelog:

  • Now you can post text-only updates to your status and they’ll be visible for 24 hours. Just tap the pencil icon in the Status tab, type what you’d like, and pick a background color or font of your choice.
  • When in a video call, you can tap back to continue the video call in picture-in-picture mode (Android 8.0+).

As above mentioned, the text only status is another new entrant in the WA features. With this feature, users can now post a text only status. As earlier, which will be visible only for 24 hours.

The latest Whatsapp version can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.


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