Whatsapp Verified Business accounts will be announced officially very soon


Whatsapp is the most used messaging service all over the world. Well, according to numbers there are daily 1 Billion users using Whatsapp. So now we know why Facebook paid such a hefty amount to the acquire the messaging service. But we have a good news, like you see business accounts on Facebook, same way you could see them on Whatsapp too.

Businesses allover the world are using Whatsapp messaging services for their business. As it’s very easy to communicate to your customers. But now, with these business accounts customers won’t have to think about companies authenticity. As verified business accounts will create a sense of trust. There will be two types of business accounts. One will be for small businesses and for large one there are various business solutions. So you can select the package according to your needs.

For now Whatsapp is testing it’s tools so that when it is out officailly it should not consist of any bugs.

With this new initiative users can see   the icon, which will indicate the verification of the business done by Whatsapp. Whatsapp has even said that it will also come up with many more features to do business efficiently and with ease.

And users while using the app, should even come up with feedbacks so Whatsapp know what too change. It will be better for users.

Rest, lets wait for the business oriented Whatsapp features will soon be launched officially.


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