whatsapp vdeo calling

Whatsapp Video Calling feature is available to everyone now. The feature is live now on iOs and Windows Phone as well. Earlier it was launched in the Whatsapp Beta.  Now whatsapp will give tough competition to Skype, Messenger, Facebook or Google Duo in Video chatting also.

whatsapp vdeo calling

The UI of the video call is the same as that of a voice call made through WhatsApp where the video of the other person will appear in place of the photo and a small window for users own facetime. If you want to use this feature you have to update your app from the play store.

However Video calling is not only feature which is added recently. Whatsapp had also rolled out two-factor authentication and background audio message playback in some of its beta versions. To use these two features you have to sign up for the Whatsapp Beta Program. Both these features will also come to everyone very soon.


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