Leak: Whatsapp Video Calling Feature Leaked In A Screehshot


After the Calling feature on Whatsapp, now company is planning for Video Calling feature. Whatsapp’s leaked screenshot while having video call is taken by the source.

whatsapp video calling

Whatsapp seems to be building a kind of platform which will bring all the features of other messaging apps to it. As a splashback, when calling feature was introduced many companies and app developers were troubling whatsapp fot it. Even, some cellular carriers also demanded some action against the Whatsapp in respective countries. Well, this time also it seems that similar kind of protests from these groups may arouse.

The service would be applicable to users over Wi-Fi as well as cellular data. Overall, the layout would remain almost similar to the existing Whatsapp call feature.

By looking at the leaked screenshot it seems that Whatsapp is going to screen mode while having Video call. Also there’s a small preview window in the center. Using multiple chat tabs, one can dynamically switch between individual conversations without needing to revert back to WhatsApp’s chat list. The app is reportedly being redesigned to promote the Go Green concept.

We hoping soon we will get this feature on our devices. How many of you were already waiting of this kind of feature on whatsapp?

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