400,000 units of Galaxy Note 8 pre-ordered on first day in South Korea


Latest reports from Samsung regarding the pre-orders of Galaxy Note 8 proved to be a great solace for the firm. The successor of Galaxy Note 7(R.I.P) bagged nearly 400,000 pre-orders on the day one in South Korea. Consequently, cracking all the pre-order records of the smartphone giant ever had. And, still more records to break once it really hits the market.

Precisely, the Galaxy Note 8 was up for pre-order since the last thursday in its home-town, South Korea. According to Samsung, specifically 395,000 costumers applied to purchase the phablet yesterday. Interestingly, its ill-fated predecessor┬ámanaged to draw only 380,000 preorders over a 13-day pre order period. Look at the margin between the two immediate descendants of Note series. Evidently, it’s a tremendous starting for the 2017 Note hunk.

Blue Colored Note 8 More Popular!

Additionally, courtesy to the reports by Samsung. The 64GB model accounted for 65 percent pre-order share. In which, Blue colored variant of the Note 8 seems to be more preferred by the consumers.

Deep Blue Galaxy Note 8(My favorite!)

It is to be noted that. The Galaxy Note 8 is officially due to go for sale starting from Sept. 21, despite those who preorder the device will get it starting Sept. 15.

However, amid the fear of losing customers due to the high price(last year’s debacle as well?) of the phablet. This pre order statistics shows that consumers are not that much affected by the overpricing, at least in the home-country. Anyway, how it performs globally is yet to be seen.


  1. It will do very well. The Note8 hasn’t been delivered in Turkey yet and some brands of protective cases are already sold out! Of course it’s not just people wanting the new phone, there is so much pent up demand from people who lost their Note7 plus the many users who still have Note 4 and 5.


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