Mobile games are generally cheap, but the purchase is also permanent and non-transferable. And since Google’s decision to cut the trial period on the Android Market from a generous 24 hours to a paltry 15 minutes, finding fun games reliably has become a lot harder. Enter WildTangent, a popular game rental service on the PC that’s bringing its rental capabilities to Android phones and tablets. You can download the rental client here.
WildTangent announced its plan to expand to Android this summer, and the first version features a pretty good selection of popular Android games. Big titles like Burn the Rope, Age of Zombies, Fruit Ninja and Kona’s Crate ( not to mention Twilight: the Movie Game – joy) are available for purchase or rental. The app download the games from WildTangent’s servers, not the Android Market.
Rentals cost about 25 cents a day, converted into WildTangent’s propriety WildCoins currency. The interesting bit is that the WildCoins spent on a rental also apply to the purchase of a game itself. So if you download a $3.99 game as a rental, after twelve days you own it. It’s an interesting system, though those hoping to save some money over the Android Market versions of the game will have to keep a close eye on their usage. At the moment there’s only 91 games available, and expensive titles from Gameloft and EA are nowhere to be seen. Let’s hope some of the more expensive games out there will show up on the service soon.
[via GameZebo]


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