Samsung has been in news today and it’s all for good reasons. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is in India. He is on an official visit in the country. And the most important part of his trip was opening the biggest smartphone factory in the world. It will be based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


This is a great moment for the country where one of the world’s biggest smartphone maker will have the biggest factory in India. The smartphone plant spreads over 35 acres of land. And plans to increase the overall production of the smartphone by 50% in India. This will give a big boost to the smartphone industry and also more people will now have access to smartphones. Indirectly even boosting the internet usage.

It is a brownfield project where earlier refrigerators and TV’s were manufactured. Now, smartphone making will be added. Earlier having plant in South India Samsung used to manufacture 67 million phones. But now this new factory will give a massive boost where they have targeted 120 million smartphones in three years.

For this Samsung has also planned to hire 5,000 employees. For years Samsung has been at the top but now has been fighting hard with Xiaomi for that position.


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