xiaomi 1 million india

Xiaomi landed into Indian Space this year with the launch of Xiaomi Mi3 and later introduced Redmi 1s and Redmi Note. Here’s something that Xiaomi has achieved in last few months and that is the that it has sold 1 Million handsets in India.

xiaomi 1 million india

Xiaomi replicated the miracle from China to India, created a 2.4 seconds 100,000 units Xiaomi 3 sales record and 4.2 seconds 100,000 Redmi sales record. Well, coming onto current status, then Xiaomi sales are banned in India due to patents infringement claim of Ericsson. Next hearing for the case is February 5th, so it means ban won’t be lifted until 5th february.

It is quite good thing to celebrate but on the other side, ban on sales has poured water on celebrations.


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