This November 30 could probably mark an another dhamaka in Indian smartphone industry. Since Xiaomi will be launching a new smartphone under the banner “Desh Ka Smartphone” on that day. Today, the Chinese firm took itself to Twitter to announce the launch date of this mysterious India exclusive device.

Obviously, it ought to be a deal cracker from the firm, just like the Redmi Note 4 or sometimes even better. As you can see, nothing about the device can be deduced from the teaser. However, it’s quite predictable that the device should boot the latest MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat. The colourful logo of digit 9 besides the twitter post does corroborate the fact.

Moreover, the post description: “This smartphone promises to never slow you down. Multitask seamlessly with #DeshKaSmartphone @RedmiIndia.”, necessarily describes the fluidity and smoothness of MIUI9. Or, is it a jab for Samsung phones?

Initially, the device will be Flipkart exclusive. Courtesy to the banner put up by Flipkart on its page, it’s revealed that the device will support all most all Indian local languages. Well, it’s to be seen whether the upcoming device could impart the similar magic that Redmi Note 4 did so far.


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