Xiaomi has just announced its new smartphones at an event in China. The two device belong to flagship series and are the Mi8 and Mi8 SE. Before the launch, Xiaomi has indicated through a poster that they will bring the devices to India. However, as suggested by recent reports Xiaomi may be only bringing the cut-down version Mi8 SE in the Indian market. Xiaomi generally skips their top-end smartphones when it comes to the Indian market. So let’s check out more details surrounding it.

In case you forgot Xiaomi has skipped the launch of their Mi MIX, Mi6, Mi MIX 2S and now it looks like they will omit the launch of latest Mi8 in the Indian market. As suggested by a trusted source “Beebom”, Xiaomi will be launching its Mi8 SE and Mi Band 3 in India next month. Similar to other smartphones Xiaomi will rename the device as Mi8i instead of the Mi8 SE. Here letter “I” signifies the word India. For now, Xiaomi hasn’t tipped anything about its launch so only the source is a ray of hope for us.

Die-hard Xiaomi fans are however waiting for the launch of Mi8 and it would be unfair to not bring the device to India. Because of high-costs Xiaomi generally, avoid the launch of their top-end smartphones. According to the source, the forthcoming Xiaomi Mi8i would be priced somewhere near to 20,000 INR mark. For further information, we have to wait for the hint from the brand officially. You can share your opinions about it in the comment box below.


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