xiaomi mi a1 explosion

Well, it’s big news for the Xiaomi fans, who own Mi A1 with its big battery size. As per the recent report, Xiaomi Mi A1 has reportedly exploded near a sleeping owner. On further investigation, it is believed that the Xiaomi Mi A1 was on charging when the explosion happened. The user who complained about the Mi forums is a friend of the Mi A1 owner which exploded.

xiaomi mi a1 explosion

Xiaomi Mi A1 explosion incident details

As per the thread on Mi forums, it is revealed that person was sleeping close to the phone when it went up in flames. The Irony is that the owner has escaped the tragedy due to the protective shell he was using to protect the device, but ultimately it has protected the owner from getting hurt. The protection shell isolated the explosion and helped the owner to escape without any injuries.

The location of the incident has not been disclosed. It was running on the original Android Oreo build, confirming that there was something else than any MOD or third-party software which might have caused the issue. This is the first fire case against the Xiaomi Mi A1 since its launch. Due to its huge popularity around the Globe, Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite couple of months back.

xiaomi mi a1 explosion

Well, there could be many reasons behind the explosion, it can be a defect in the battery, wrong battery charging adapter, continuous charging the device, charging patterns and much more. Well, whatever the reason is, Xiaomi should investigate the issue thoroughly and let people know why it happened.

What do you say? Are you using the Xiaomi Mi A1? Does it get overheated while charging? Share your thoughts via the comments below.



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