Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 – the purported successor to Mi Mix 2/2S has been leaked in one or another way in the gone days. Hence, it’s Xiaomi’s turn to make it official ASAP, and before that, to come up with an apt date for its glorious unveil. That’s what happened as the Chinese firm has now officially teased the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 launch through its official Weibo handle.

As per the teaser, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be unwrapped on 25th October at an event in its home country. There is a lot to look forward with the device as it’s expected to be Xiaomi’s first device having a sliding camera mechanism to complement the nearly 100% screen-to-body ratio. In fact, the teaser too corroborates the notion as the device necessarily doesn’t seem to have any sort of visually distinguishable bezels.

So, the Mi Mix 3 would be the latest to join the trend initially set by OPPO Find X and later adopted by Huawei on its Honor Magic 2. Although the Mi Mix 3 may look identical to OPPO Find X in design aspects, it necessarily won’t have the motorized camera setup. Instead, the camera needs to be slid manually as in the case with the Honor Magic 2. While the both – manual and motorized sliding camera setups have their own discrete merits and demerits, it needs to be seen how long the implementation is to stay here.

Another interesting feature revealed by the teaser is the support for 5G. Whether the 5G support is inbuilt inside the chipset (modem) or not is unknown. Highly likely it should be similar to the Moto Z3 in which an additional module is to be fitted in order to receive the 5G spectrums.

Nonetheless, all the misconceptions and confusions will be cleared once the device gets officially launched. Till then stay tuned with us for more interesting news of such stuff.



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