It seems, Mi, or popularly known as Xiaomi Inc. is expanding the business to the U.S. market with its wide range of accessories. The Chinese company which has got a strong hold on smartphone business in countries like India and China, is however not marketing any of its handsets in U.S. as of now. Since, the company is using its accessories to analyze the acceptance of the brand among U.S. citizens. Consequently, initial batch of some Mi Products are now listed on Amazon accompanied by decent discounts.

Mi Products such as Mi Powerbank Pro, Headphones, Sphere Camera 360 and Robot Builder are up for sale on Amazon.  And, there are discounts attached to each of them. In fact, the products hasn’t arrived yet and the e-commerce platform is taking pre-orders for the same. The accessories are expected to release on December 1 according to the information displayed in Amazon product page.

Brief details of the Mi Products listed on Amazon U.S. is provided below.

10000mAh Mi Power Bank Pro

Price: $24.99($29.99) $5 Off.

The U.S. version of Mi PowerBank now costs $24.99 which is considered to be $5 Off from its MRP $29.99. The portable powerhouse has a capacity of 10,000mAh and supports both Type-C and Micro-USB cables.

Visit Amazon Product Page for more info.

Mi Headphones

Price: $119.99($129.99) $10 Off.

This High-Fidelity stereo Headphone with dedicated mic is one of the Xiaomi’s critically acclaimed gadget. Now, the headphone hitting U.S. market that too with $10 off, we should wait and see the response of U.S. natives towards it.


Mi Robot Builder

Price: $129.99($139.99) $10 Off

It’s a quite interesting DIY Robot builder kit from the house of Xiaomi. Being cheap, but productive as well as easy to set-up makes this Robot suitable for Children and Adults. The Robot is to be programmed by series of complex programming codes that can be feeded directly by smartphones. For that, an Android app namely Mi Robot Builder App is available for download on Play Store.

The Robot toy is currently in stock and even ships to India and other few countries outside U.S.

Buy from here.

Mi Sphere Camera

Price: $289.99

And, the final Mi product available in U.S. is the Mi Sphere 360° Camera. The Panoramic Camera has a resolution of 23.88MP and supports 3.5K Video Recording. Although, it doesn’t hold candle to the Samsung’s Gear 360 and Essential 360 Camera, the Mi Sphere is not at all a bad bid at this price tag. Also, its cross-compatibility with all most all Android smartphones is a plus point.

mi sphere

The item will be available starting from Dec. 1, till then you can pre-order it from the Amazon.


THere are many other products that are available in the US ia Amazon US.


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