More Xiaomi Mi3 Devices to land India


Xiaomi Mi3 was a huge success in India as we all knew all the units that were shipped previously were some or within seconds. Same was the case with the Redmi 1s.


And now after bringing in the Redmi 1s units for the second time and selling them, this time Xiaomi is bringing in the Mi3 fire sale yet again. Though eventually at first Xiaomi had no plans to ship more units, but now the plans have changed we suppose. A Xiaomi official revealed that the Mi3 will be brought in again by Diwali this year.

Diwali, in which must of the people shop, so Xiaomi had good plans to create an impact in the smartphone sales during this Diwali season. This time also they will partner with Flipkart, and all we can hope is that they bring in adequate units this time. So will you be buying the Xiaomi Mi3 this time, when it hits?


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