Xiaomi sells 1 million devices in just 48 hours in India


Xiaomi has gained a big name in the smartphone industry. Today it has a big share in the Indian smartphone market. Xiaomi is known for it’s budget phones with lots of features at an affordable price. This affordability is the reason that has allowed Xiaomi to gain the popularity.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Talking about the milestone, Xiaomi has made a new benchmark of selling about 1 million smartphones in just 48 hours i.e. 2 days. Isn’t it awesome. Yeah you heard it correct, 1 million devices in 2 days.

Recently, Flipkart and Amazon had come up with sales with hefty discounts. This is where the devices were sold due to ongoing festive season. So you can imagine how eagerly people had been waiting for discounts on Mi smartphones.

When we break the numbers down we get a conclusion of 300 smartphones a minute. Wow, that’s like really perfect. This gives us an idea about the popularity Xiaomi has gained.

Why we said it is an achievement because last time the target of 1 million sales took a span of 18 days. So, overall this a great achievement for Xiaomi. Be it Amazon sale or Flipkart, Xiaomi has gained a lot all over.

While Redmi Note 4 has been the phone which has took most of the sales. It had topped sales not only on Amazon but also Flipkart. This has made Xiaomi at the top in both the sales over other smartphones.

We hope in upcoming days, more discounts can be seen on Xiaomi devices.


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