Xiaomi, China’s Apple is launching some new products. Apart from the usual smart devices, this time Xiaomi has come up with the AR Pocket Photo Printer. It is 153rd crowdfunded item that Xiaomi has launched today. Well, it is not just the photo printer that you usually see from other companies.

It is a AR powered Photo printer, it allows you to view the story behind that photo. While printing the photo, it attaches the Animated GIF or Video to the printed photo. Later, when you will scan that photo via your phone, it will automatically show you the video or animation behind that photo. It will show you image as like of the live photo in iPhones or in other smartphones.

The Xiaomi XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer can be connected with Bluetooth or NFC. All you need to have is Android with veresion 5.0 or later or iOS device with 9.0 or up version. The printer can print photos of 54 x 86 mm in size with a resolution of 291 x294 pixels.

Another impressive thing about the device is its price, you can own it for just $63 which is way less than its competition. The battery has a capacity of 650 mAh which is sufficient for normal sue.

The paper is priced at $6 with 20 pcs per pack. Xiaomi Pocket printer can print 10 photos at a time. the dimensions of the device are 133 x 80 x 27mm and weighs 237g without the photo tray and 268g with the photo tray.

Xiaomi is going to make it available for users on March 12, 2018.



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