Xiaomi’s Mi Smartwatch Expected this year


Xiaomi is going to reveal a Mi Smartwatch this year to make debut in the smartwatch market. Already, Xiaomi is doing pretty well in the Smartphone’s industry and now it’s time for something new.

Already to tackle with the slight decrease in the revenue it appears Xiaomi is preparing very well to tackle it. They are working on MIUI 8, a mobile payment gateway, namely UnionPay. Also they are preparing Xiaomi Max smartphone and now it’s Mi Smartwatch.

xiaomi smartwatchXiaomi’s VP Liu De confirmed that a Mi smartwatch is almost ready. It is expected to launch in the 2nd quarter of this year. There’s also a Kids smartwatch Mi Band new version raked up in the wearable category from Xiaomi.

Already Xiaomi is established player in the wearable market with its Fitness Bands. Now, they are coming to grasp more of the wearable market.

We are eagerly waiting for it and it is expected that the price of the watch is going to be the biggest spec of this smartwatch.


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