Xoom Available for Pre-Order, but Doesn’t Have Flash Yet


The Motorola Xoom is pretty much the hottest tablet we’ve seen yet. We’re eager to see it hit the market, which is expected to be in just a few days. If reports are to be believed, it’ll be on sale on the 24th, and is open for pre-order right now. One caveat, though: According the most recent flier from Verizon, Flash won’t be available on the tablet until this Spring. We’re not sure if it’s because they’re still working out kinks, or if Adobe hasn’t perfected the balance of Tegra-2 and Honeycomb, but either way…don’t rush out and pick one up on day 1 expecting to be surfing all your favorite flash websites as soon as you get it home. There’ll be a short wait for that. It’s still very capable (iPad doesn’t have flash either, and never ever will), but the disclaimer is well deserved.


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