Xposed Framework now Officially available for Nougat devices


As modders, we all have tried Xposed Framework some time in our customization efforts. In fact, for hardcore system level customization, it was the go-to app but only till Android v 6. After Marshmallow, Android 7.0 came along and that changed the JIT (Just-in-Time) compiler. Since then it wasn’t usable on Nougat devices. Even then, the dev behind Xposed, rovo89, was working behind the scenes slowly and keeping the community informed on the progress of Nougat-based Xposed. Now, the work is finished.

xposed framework

In a one on one with XDA, rovo89 explained the reasons for the delay of the latest version of the widely popular tool. He said that Nougat changed Java runtime drastically and this is what Xposed relies on for customization features. Therefore, the framework had to be written from the ground up. Also, as some of you might be aware, all this is a part-time gig like many other custom ROM projects on XDA. This appears to be the reason behind the delay.

Since this is the official Xposed Framework, you won’t need to mess with custom ROMs or unstable versions anymore. Just install the new version along with root and you can start installing your favourite modules. You can also install the latest Xposed Installer application to do the Xposed installation process for you.

Download Xposed Installer v3.1.2 (Attachment)

Xposed Installer for Nougat  7.0 (SDK24) Download

Xposed Installer for Nougat  7.1 (SDK25) Download

If you are wondering about Oreo version of Xposed, here is the dev’s reply:

“I have already started work on Android 8.0. There are a few new language features that I’ll have to look at, but the general concept should still work. That includes all the work on invalidating compiled the code of any callers when a method is hooked, which took by far the most time when I worked on Nougat. So I’m really confident that I’ll be much faster this time. Android 8.1 should not be much different, so I expect not much additional work for it.”

Source: XDA Developers


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