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Youtube developers have experimented with a new easy to use UI for the Youtube app for some time. And now it is officially available to all users. The app has a new layout mainly for the navigation bar that used to be placed on the top below the notification bar.

Moving the navigation bar to the bottom makes a lot of sense because that is where the thumbs and fingers can easily reach. So you now have a navigation-friendly UI. Also, The smaller Navigation bar now has all the previous tabs in their respective positions. The ‘Home’ tab is first, then comes the ‘Trending’ tab, after that is the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.

The last tab is changed to ‘Library’ instead of ‘Accounts’. Here you have all your personal activities such as likes, favorites, uploads, and playlists as well as your Account tab. The upload button has been moved to the top in place of the floating button where it was before. The “Cast a Video’ button is also on the top. The navigation bar remains visible at all times except when you are playing videos.

The update might take some time to arrive for you as it hasn’t arrived for us as well on Android but iOS has received the UI overhaul. You can watch the video in the meantime to get an idea.

You can head over to the Play Store to update your Android App.


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