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YouTube has recently announced a new feature that allows direct video sharing with your friends and family. It has been made available as a mobile-only feature adding a brand new tab within the YouTube mobile app. The company was testing this feature since last year and was initially made available for users in Canada. This new feature is now available for a global roll-out, according to YouTube.

With this all-new feature, sharing a YouTube video is pretty easy. You just need to tap the “share” button on a video, which gives you an option to send it directly through the YouTube app to your contact list.

It is not just about sharing and receiving videos, you also get an option to chat about them within the app, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation, and much more.

The feature has started rolling-out to both Android and iOS users. As a result, you will no longer need an an external app to share videos and the YouTube app lets you watch, share and reply or chat about any video. If you still want to continue sharing videos through third-party apps, you can do that as well.

Are you excited about this new feature from YouTube? Do you think you will be using the YouTube sharing and messaging feature in the coming days? We’ll be happy and interested to know your views about this new feature.


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