YouTube for Android may get Speed Controls in coming update


Internet giant, Google is testing out video speed control feature in its YouTube app for Android platform. This new feature is already present in YouTube’s desktop interface from long time and now Google is trying to test the same in its YouTube app. With this new feature, a user can speed up or slow down videos.

This new feature is very useful. For example, with speed controls you can slow down videos where one is unable to pick up YouTubers accent or one can speed up videos such as long podcasts. User can slow down videos by selecting 0.25X, 0.50X or 0.75X where ‘X’ is normal speed of the video. Similarly, user can speed up by selecting 1.25X, 1.5X or 2X. One can find out speed control option in video’s settings menu in YouTube’s Android app.

Recently Google is testing a pop-up that shows search results within search results. Google is testing out this new feature with small group of users. This new feature is not available for everyone as of now and everything is in Google’s hand. But this new feature is very useful and adding this feature in YouTube app will definitely make YouTube desktop experience and YouTube app experience similar.

Let us know in comment section if you are able to see speed controls in your YouTube app.


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